Yeon-Joo Lee-Jones, DC

Advanced Practice Certified Chiropractic & Family Practice


I was born in Kwangjoo, South Korea.  I finished my B.S. in Math in Ewha University in Seoul 1989 and enrolled to Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa in 1990.  I graduated from Palmer in 1993 and shortly after moved to New Mexico to practice and have been here since.  I joined Integrative Medicine Clinic at Constitution Place in 2001 after being a solo practitioner for 7 years.  I believe in the Integrative approach to health care I have delivered with Dr. Kaufman and Dr. Jones since 2001.  I have moved to this new clinic, Southwest Integrative Health Center in 2008 with the addition of Dr. Awwad and Sharon Gateley, N.P. to provide a more integrative approach to a more diverse patient population with more comprehensive care.

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Adjustments: Palmer trained, Diversified, Activator, Thompson, A.K., Gonstead, Sacrocranial, Extremity
Applied Kinesiology: A.K. is a diagnostic and clinical technique reserved for physicians to help diagnose and treat chronic diseases.
Nutrition & Lifestyle: Counseling in nutrition and lifestyles with relation to preventative medicine and chronic disease.
Physical Therapy Modalities: The incorporation of physical therapy modalities such as exercise, ultra sound, electrical muscle stimulation, miro-current, traction, heat & ice
Trigger Point Injections: This type of injections helps to resolve referral pain patterns due to acute and chronic muscle injury.
Prolo Therapy: This type of injection utilizes a natural solution to help stimulate ligament and tendon growth.  This therapy is utilized on acute or chronic unstable joints.


Advanced Practice Certified

This certification is a post doctoral degree in advanced practice.  It is a registry of Chiropractors that have continued their education so they can do advance procedures such as injections & IV therapies and they have a specific formulary which enhances their ability to treat their patients.